Choreography of Walls (2016) – installation (fabric, steel)


Lola Bezemer’s work includes spatial installations, performances, kinetic sculptures as well as video and multimedia solutions. Bezemer’s specific interest is colour perception in an architectural space. The way we perceive colours in a room and the space as a whole is subjected to our point of view, external influences and the precise moment in time itself; these are all factors that are constantly changing. Here, the important question that emerges is how to encourage an active approach to viewing and an awareness of the space surrounding us and towards our own physical presence.

The installation Choreography of Walls is activated by the viewer who, by moving the walls, becomes a part of the work. The windows allow the viewer to get a first glimpse of the inner world of the exhibition hall. The outside world and the visitors moving inside the room create an odd dialogue: the people inside the exhibition hall turn into a part of the piece while the people outside become voyeurs gazing at the visitors inside. Visitors can move objects covered in colourful fabrics created by the artist, to play with different space- and visual compositions. The project addresses the idea of abstract colour compositions, space choreography and sculptural intervention. In this way the piece questions the rigidity of space and creates itself again and again, changing our perception of space and the way we act and react towards it.