10 January 2018

Kilometre of Sculpture 2018 CANCELLED!

Due to recent developments beyond our control, the organising team of Kilometre of Sculpture 2018 has considerable displeasure and regret in communicating that it no longer has the resources to be able to deliver its exhibition Remembrance of Things Past, and Future Promises in the three regional Estonian cities of Rakvere, Narva and Tartu in the summer of this year 2018.

Our deepest apologies to our partners in:

Rakvere (Rakvere City, Baltoscandal, Rakvere Kultuurikeskus, Rakvere Noortekeskus, Rakvere Vanalinna School, Wesenbergh Hotel, Art Cafe and others)

Narva (Narva Art Residency, Narva City and others)

Tartu (Tartu City, Tartu Art Museum, Tartu Art College, Tartu Print Museum, Tartu AiR and others)

As well as to the artists who may have already been working on their applications for the Open Call, and finally to our followers and friends.

The kmS team would like to stress, however, that the resolve within the current team to continue our exhibition projects in regional Estonia is stronger than ever and our followers, arts audiences and the general public of Estonia, not to mention cultural tourists across the region will be hearing from us soon.

Life and cultural vitality to regional Estonia!