kmS 2016 Rakvere

In summer 2016, Kilometre of Sculpture (kmS) will return to the northern Estonian town of Rakvere to present its third annual exhibition. Our focus this year is on Finland and our international guest curator is Anna Virtanen, from Helsinki.

When and where is Kilometre of Sculpture?
2 – 24 July 2016 in Rakvere

Main exhibition

Momentary Monumentality

The main exhibition in 2016, Momentary Monumentality, brings 14 artists from across Europe to respond to the public space in Rakvere. Woven around the concept of monuments as visible and invisible and active and inactive elements in the public space, the exhibition will include works by the following artists:

Carl Giffney (IE), Viktor Gurov (EE), Corinna Helenelund (FI), Minna Henriksson (FI), Hertta Kiiski (FI), Kristi Kongi (EE), Henriikka Kontimo (FI), Paul Kuimet (EE), Kevin Malcolm (DK), Kristina Norman (EE), Hanna Piksarv (EE), Jaanus Samma (EE), Susanne Skeide (NO), and Sakari Tervo and Juho Taavitsainen (FI).

“…in our theme for the 2016 edition of Kilometre of Sculpture, we take a look at monuments. Considering monuments as manifestations of the invisible, of values, agendas, ideologies or histories. Or looking at them in relation to the notions of permanence and temporality, the material aspects and the invisible linked to them.”

Anna Virtanen
(an excerpt from the curatorial brief)


Following on from our first satellite program in Võru in 2015, this year kmX includes a range of exhibitions from our growing network of partner institutions across northern Europe. The satellite program for 2016 includes work by:

Rucka AiR (LV), Jarkko Partanen (FI) (ANTI Contemporary Art Festival), Nora Mertes (BE) (Skaftfell AiR), Lola Bezemer (NL) (Skaftfell AiR), Lena von Lapschina (AU), Alexei Gordin (EE), Maarja Tõnisson (EE), Nele Suisalu (EE), and Yunrubin (SG/DK)