OPEN CALL Rakvere 2016


Rakvere 2016
Selection panel: Andreas Nilsson (SE), Anna Virtanen (FI), Teet Suur (EE) and Siim Preiman (EE)

The organisers of Kilometre of Sculpture (kmS) are pleased to extend a warm invitation to all artists working in any field or genre to submit applications to participate in our open call exhibition, which will be held in the public space of the town of Rakvere in July 2016.

Applications close 23 January 2016

Artists applying to the open call for 2016 will be expected to respond to the specific context of the township of Rakvere, selecting from the multitude of sites and situations that exist across this varied urbanscape, as well as the conceptual considerations presented below by our guest curator, Anna Virtanen. A site map, which can be viewed on our website, shows a circle approximately 1 kilometre across indicating a suggested area within which artists can explore potential sites for their work. As this area is only meant as a guide, sites outside the circle will also be considered if the reasoning behind the choice of site is clear.

The following reflects the initial curatorial impulse:

“How to approach a city unfamiliar to you, in an unfamiliar country? How to work in the public space, with a manner sensitive to the context at hand, when you’re not familiar with the stories, memories or meanings attached to it? As a way of approaching these questions, in our initial theme for the 2016 edition of Kilometre of Sculpture, we take a look at monuments. Considering monuments as manifestations of the invisible, of values, agendas, ideologies or histories. Or looking at them in relation to the notions of permanence and temporality – of the material aspects, of the invisible linked to them. Looking at monuments as representing something that is hoped to be static, emphasizing this even with their material qualities, holding onto something temporary.”

Anna Virtanen

The site map mentioned above and specific information on how to apply can be found by following the link below.

General enquiries: