Welcome to the new kmS


As we approach the end of 2015, Kilometre of Sculpture would like to welcome you to its new website and tell you about its new public face.

The website you see here in red is the new kmS online presence to keep followers, visitors and artists fully informed of our activities. Watch this space for new developments.

Using the Archive menu below you can also navigate to the green 2015 exhibition site, which also contains the long-awaited gallery for our 2015 summer exhibition The Visitors curated by Andreas Nilsson. Once in the 2015 site, just click the Artists menu to open text content on each artist and then follow the “Gallery” links in the top-right corner to see a selection of images from the exhibition. You can also click on Map and use the map tool to see the works and where they were installed in the city.

New logo

In addition to a new website, we have also updated our logo, as well as the abbreviated way we can be referred to in text. You can see the new logo in the top-left corner of your screen, and as you read this and other texts on the site, you will see that in normal text we now abbreviate Kilometre of Sculpture as kmS, and this is the case regardless of whether the text is Estonian or English.